Time is still Money

Some things don’t change, even if we think they do!

For some reason the new Internet market has made some people forget (or not learn) some very basic principles of business and how to manage their work. In a brick and mortar world it has been said that “Time is money”. When you can save time, you make more money. Very simple. Well blogging is no different. And it does not matter if your goal is more readers, more money or both. If you can save time on the tasks that take you away from blogging then you will be able to get more.

Years ago, before PPC and before all the great affiliate opportunities it was a little harder to make money on a site. One of the ways I accomplished it was to take some of the programs I would write for myself, and resell them to other developers. As I was only trying to pay for my hosting, I priced most of these programs at a low price of $9.95. On one occasion someone was asking about one of these programs in a forum. A young lady posted that she thought it was shameful that I was charging for a program and that she could write herself in 4 or 5 hours. Now think about that for a second. Another person was quick to point out that the program MUST be worth the price, because if it took her 4 or 5 hours to write it, there was no way it would benefit them to write it themselves. If they spent $9.95 and saved 4 hours of work, they would be up $200-$400 depending on their billable rate.

This still holds true today. If you want to work on something because you just want to learn it, and understand it, that is fine. But, if it is taking time away from what you do best, it is probably a bad decision. I keep a little slush fund just for software, ebooks and other Internet goodies. A good example is my new favorite toy, Micro Niche Finder. I can do everything the program does, just not as fast, and at the same time it gives me ideas to be creative. Now that is easily worth the price to me, a matter of fact I think it pay for itself in a couple days.

If you value your time, the value of your blog will increase.

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  1. That,s right time is money. I saw the video of this new program “Micro niche finder” a few days ago and i found it really interesting. i was thinking of buying it. But before that i wanted to look if something similar was on the market but i found nothing compare to this one so i think i will give it a try. Great topic

    Have a nice day

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