After trying Digsby for a week, I have now downloaded and installed Twhirl. Digsby had more options for other social sites like Facebook and MySpace, but it was extremly slow.

So far Twhirl has met my expectations of what I wanted in a 3rd party Twitter client. It is customizable and loads quickly. I will continue to try other Twitter clients but so far I am satisfied with Twhirl.

Twhirl has been aquired by the video chat service Seesmic, here is a good post at Seesmic to explain why.

2 thoughts on “Twhirl

  1. That was our first attempt at Twitter support…. not bad for a first try but we are just getting started. The next few builds will have a lot of Twitter improvements so give it another shot in a week or so.

  2. Steve, Thanks for the comment. I will certainly keep my eye on it, and give it another shot. Hopefully the overhead issue is something that can be improved on as you go. Overall I liked the interface and program.

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