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Sometimes it takes one thing, to make another thing come into focus.

Twitter has been like this for me. I tried Twitter a long time ago, and just could not get into it. However, recently I posted about a great new IM system called Digsby, and Digsby has brought Twitter back into my daily routine with ease. As usual I have to search out a system and see what types of tools, updates, APIs & plugins are available. It’s just my tweaking nature.

I found 2 excellent resources for additional Twitter Tools, everything from standard API calls to WordPress Twitter Plugins. If you want to extend your Twitter, check out these pages for some great additions.

TWITTER TOOLBOX: 60+ Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools

One thought on “Twitter Tools

  1. I am starting to lose faith in Twitter and it’s effectiveness. It seems like one giant .bot these days. I wonder how effective Twitter is to a business with the exception of updating sales info or daily RELEVANT updates. Seems like a lot of junk these days.

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