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  1. I am gonna have to disagree with Twitter trends being more relevant then Google. Are there actually more people on Twitter then there are searching on Google? I would be surprised if that was a yes.

    With Twitter searches you can see real time data of how many are talking about what, but even at that Trends updates every hour. Sure Trends isn’t exactly what people are talking about per say but it is what they are searching. Which is basically the same thing if you ask me.

  2. Jarret, I don’t recall saying they were more relevant?

    I said more indicative.

    And “what topics are being talked about”, not what topics are being searched.

    I just looked, maybe you are right, #1 in Google Trends is “antinori wines” and #1 on Twitter is “Obama”, lol

  3. I just love how you can make a point across in less than 100 words when typically it would take me 1000.

    Excellent point David. I am have been having tons of fun using Twitter Search and it has been very entertaining to see what people talk about on Twitter. And indeed, what people talk about on Twitter is much different than what people search for at the moment on Google.

    So many random elements can affect Google Trends such as people wanting to look up a particular show time, or see the results for the UFC Fight.

    With Twitter, people talk about things going on in their lives or at their job, etc…

    There is quite a bit of traffic that can be scored from Twitter and more importantly quite a bit of really nice friends that you can make. I am really starting to see how Twitter can be a very effective place for multiple aspects of business as well as leisure.

    All the hype about Twitter being a useless time waster comes from people who really don’t know how to harness its quick and aggressive growth. One can’t question why certain things are the way they are. It’s really simple math. Twitter has traffic and there are very obvious and simply ways to capitalize on it.

    Hey, do you mind installing the Subscribe To Comments plugin so that I can get an email when someone else comments on your posts?

  4. I’m loving this! To be honest, I never thought to use Twitter for this purpose but it makes so much sense. I mean, much higher potential for dependable, organic information that’s not over-calculated or gathered through madly complex algorithms. Great article- thank you.

  5. @Garry, I added the Comment Subscription plugin, not sure it is the one you recommend, but I am sure you will let me know.

    We may have to start a Twitter Anonymous club for us Twitter junkies, lol

    @BrilliantJeni, Thanks, I agree, nothing like unfiltered organic information!

  6. Yes! You got the right plugin… That is just very handy to have. I always check the box on places I comment on… I’ll get an email if someone adds to the discussion in a future comment. Thanks for installing. 😉

  7. @Garry, I added the Comment Subscription plugin, not sure it is the one you recommend, but I am sure you will let me know.

    Finally, David
    I asked for this at least twice as you was still on your old domain 🙂


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