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A top question on Twitter is about what the best iPhone App is for Twitter.

I have only tried a couple so far, but I can say without a doubt that TwitterFon is going to be hard to beat for me.

It is not the most robust app you can get, however, it gets the job done in a very concise manner and that is incredibly important to me.

To the right is an actual screen capture from my iPhone to show the clean interface of TwitterFon.

One of my favorite aspects is the Search and the ability to keep previous Searches that require just one touch to get reloaded. If you mis type a search or do not want to keep it, you can simply remove it from the list.

3 thoughts on “TwitterFon iPhone App

  1. I was touching base with my google reader and doing a little background checking into landing pages. Since I’m a bit of a fan I decided to take a peek at this. This area of the country or so I was told wasn’t exactly good iphone coverage so I’m stuck with my nextel booo yeah I know. What prompted me to stop and say hey was your screen shot. I’ve gotten more than my fair share of grief about that avatar of mine and not a real pic (maybe i should get a sketchy one like yours)

  2. I used a non pic for awhile and heard the same thing, on social networks people tend to want to see a pic of the real person. I don’t take good pictures so I thought a sketch would be the next best thing.

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