View from a search spider

There is a big difference in what you see on your screen and what a search engine spider sees. There are a lot of things that a spider can not interpret like we do. Javascript, Images etc…

I have found it extremely beneficial to use a text browser to dissect a web page. Google recommends this approach on their Webmaster Help site under Webmaster Guidelines.

Try the Lynx text browser, and remember it is not about viewing pleasure, it is about testing a page. Although I remember the days where this is how we saw information, argghhh…..

TIP : One very helpful way to use Lynx is to put it on a thumb drive. It will run directly from there and you can take it with you to help your clients, friends and family with their sites.

VORD Web Design has a very nice Lynx download page to help get you started with Lynx, just follow the simple instructions and start seeing your pages in a whole new (old) light.

One thought on “View from a search spider

  1. Hey Dave !! hows it going. Awesome tool and one which Im gonna use. Ive been finding my blogs in google and then clicking on view cached and from there it gives and option of viewing the blog in text format. Hey while Im here I have a Q I was wondering if placing the tag cloud higer on the side has any better SEO benefits. Other than it might look a big urgly in the side bar higher up?

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