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Last October I started using OOMA VOIP and I have to say that it has been great.

In 6 months of using Voice over IP I have been very pleased with the service and functionality. And now they are offering a second number free. I can not find a reason to get a land line, or even try another VOIP plan since OOMA is free with their equipment and it allows me to use standard telephones instead of proprietary IP phones or headsets. I may even step up to their new Premier service for only $12.95, but for now what I have works great.

With my recent move there was nothing more for me to do than setup my VOIP hub when the broadband was installed. I really do not miss dealing with the phone company at all. I use inexpensive cordless phones with the system and the range is excellent throughout the house and deck.

OOMA is Available from Amazon (yes, that is an affiliate link!)

You can read more about OOMA at their Blog.

3 thoughts on “Voice Over IP Free

  1. Sounds like you’re already being scammed by Ooma. As I understand the newly announced “Premier Service” for $12.95 per month, it consists of exactly what they were including for “free” when you bought a hub for $400. Only now, they decided to sell the base package for less and charge new buyers a monthly fee for all the good stuff.

  2. Not sure how you get scammed from a company deciding to market and sell their products at different rates than originally announced.

    Based on that logic, everyone is being scammed by any company that has had a price change?

    You are right though, I do not need the OOMA premier service, since I already have those services. However, at $12.95 compared to other VOIP offerings, still seems like a fair price.

  3. I have got troubles with connecting skype in my nokia 5800, too employ fring, msn runs okay, but skype doesn’t plug in when I open fring..what can I do?, is there some other program to gain skype in nokia 5800?? thanks

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