Wasted Year on Internet Marketing

This is basically the answer to the question I have been asked most recently, which is, “why have you sold some of your sites and quit working on other projects”. Well, I realized I have wasted about a year working with Internet Marketing, probably two if you consider the time I put in.

A little over a year ago I was  just cruising along in my own little corner of CyberSpace, doing what I called “Flying Under The Radar”. Working on a few sites and blogs, making pretty good income and minding my own business. Then I started reading a lot of Internet Marketing stuff about how you need to do this and that to make the big bucks. Sure enough I got sucked in to the Internet Marketing Vortex.

Now let me be real clear, I have some good friends that are great at Internet Marketing. There is nothing wrong with it for the most part (depending on the marketer of course). The key element is knowing how things fit in with your own style. Being a programmer and a former salesperson it seemed like something that would fit me, but it doesn’t.

For the last 12 months I have basically worked twice as hard for about the same results. It’s not really a wasted time, just an educational process and one that will stay with me.

If you are interested in a couple good Internet Marketers to pay attention to I would recommend, Garry Conn and Josh Spaulding.

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9 thoughts on “Wasted Year on Internet Marketing

  1. So true. It’s usually those who are first on the scene that make the big bucks. The ones who try to duplicate their success are generally disappointed. Sure, the occasional one will slip through but as for most, well…

    Hope all is well for you and your family CyberCoder.

  2. Hey Bloke, I agree in part

    You can still make big bucks doing Internet Marekting, for me it is just way too much work, I can make the same amount in half the time.

    However, everyone is different with their own style.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, David.

    It took me nearly 2 years to make a full time income online. I loved every minute of it and still do because it truly is my passion. I LOVE the lifestyle and the ability to truly make money on my own, provide for my family and live comfortably without some prick breathing down my neck.

    Other people have different passions though. To those who want to quit I say go for it. It doesn’t mean you won’t be successful, it just means this isn’t your thing.

    If you don’t enjoy marketing online, chances are, you won’t be successful marketing online. That goes for just about anything an entrepreneur does.

    Those who really, truly have a passion in something will never quit and more times than not, those are the people who “make it.”

    I’m not sure if you’re giving up IM altogether, or you’re just referring to the B2B aspect of IM. If it’s the latter then I feel like an idiot, but I don’t take it back 🙂

  4. Josh, I think you got it right, I am pretty much not an IM guy. I am more of a programmer. Even with extensive Sales in my background the IM just does not fit me, meaning the day to day effort it takes to stay on top of the game. Last year I made a lot more money developing blogs and working the SEO and technical aspects and then playing editor. The behind the scenes guy, lol.

  5. Hey David,

    I am just really glad that you landed an awesome career in real-estate. You are doing some really amazing things with your programming skills that give you a leading edge over even the most experienced agents in the business. Congrats to your newly found success and I support you all the way.

    Thanks for mentioning me as only ONE of the TWO people that you recommend in my neck of the woods. That means a lot to me.

    Best Regards,
    Garry Conn

  6. Garry, Well we spent a lot of time together over the last year teaching each other, and I really appreciate that.

    Not sure how the Real Estate works out, but if nothing else it was a delayed reaction to something I should have done years ago.

    And don’t think for a minute that I am giving up on my internet stuff, just changing direction back to what worked best for me.

  7. Dear David,

    As the person who probably drove you away from internet marketing, I want you to know that I’m convinced you will knock the socks off those other real estate people in your area.

    Maybe we can stay in touch if I don’t ask you to fix anything for me? TeeHee!

    Your friend,

  8. I have been wondering when this would happen. You have unbelievable programming skills and are the reason I still attempt to blog today. Unfortunately I myself am stuck in the middle. I don’t know if I should try to focus more on the marketing aspect of blogging or learn how to make my blogs function better. Either way I need more visitors to my sites.

    I’ve now been running Hardwareblogportal.com for about a year and its still not that successful. But you can launch a site and gain traffic pretty quick. I just don’t know…lol

    Good to see you have made it into the real estate market. I know you will capitalize there.

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