6 thoughts on “Whos Amung Us

  1. Not really:

    1. Blogflux also provides a map of your visitors;

    2. The link is less obtrusive and won’t take away from your pretty feed icon.

    It’s elementary my dear Watson:)

  2. Really?

    1. Who’s Amung Us can be customized with several options.

    2. The page can be on your own server without any of their branding.

    3. It updates live, just leave the stats page loaded and you can see the visitors and what pages they are on.

    4. No map to get in the way of the real important data.

  3. Amazingly enough, Whos Amung Us is an example of code that does just what it needs. Its not overthought, like a lot of other things. For all of your “everyday tracking” needs, you have Analytics. But, in my eyes, thats not what Whos Amung Us is about. Its a small bit of code with a simple purpose!!!

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