Win a Free Domain Name on Twitter

Currently I have around 4,950 followers on Twitter. To celebrate the milestone of 5,000 followers, I am going to give away a Domain Name to my 5,000th follower. If there is any doubt to who the 5,000 follower is, I will use the Twitter API to decide the actual winner.

I will use @NameCheap to register the name for the winner and push it to their NameCheap account.

If you do not have a NameCheap account you can set one up in about 2 minutes for free.

You can Follow Me on Twitter and I would also recommend following NameCheap on Twitter !

DISCLAIMER : I am in no way associated with NameCheap, I just love their system and it is what I recommend to anyone for Domain Name Registrations!

One thought on “Win a Free Domain Name on Twitter

  1. Great job on that! I see there was a little misunderstanding at the end. Well taken care of. You don’t see that type of response from a company, that’s for sure!


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