WordPress 2.5 Upgrade

I just ran the my first set of WordPress 2.5 upgrades.

The first upgrade was to a very small blog with only 2 plugins, the second was to a larger blog that had several plugins installed. Both upgrades went smooth as silk.

The WordPress 2.5 dashboard and layout are totally different from anything WordPress has released before and it will take some getting used to. I did use the upgrade automatically option on a couple of the plugins and everything worked as expected.

One new feature I really like is the Tag management. As an example I had a tag that should have had a word capitalized that was not. I was able to modify the tag display with a couple clicks and then verify that it was corrected in my tag cloud.

So far WordPress 2.5 looks great and I will follow up with more data as I upgrade the rest of my blogs.

5 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 Upgrade

  1. I recently have been testing 2.5 on a blog and so far am very happy.

    I like the layout but did have a problem finding post IDs. Eventually I found them though and all is good now.

    Also I mentioned one of my blogs that was earning $800 a month from PPP to you yesterday….. well PR just died and went to 0 today so earnings will probably drop to maybe $100 a month. Serves me right for riding the PPP train.

    So now…… I have to work out a new way to make money. Mr Conn will be getting a lot of reading from me in the next few days.

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