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I created this little plugin for my own use, and after reading today’s post over at HackWordPress.com it reminded me that Garry Conn had asked me if I was going to publish it, so here it is.

I like to use the the_excerpt() instead of the_content() in several places on a blog. However, I did not like the fact that the_excerpt was only showing 55 characters. I could change it in the WordPress code, but then everytime I update the blog with a new version of WordPress I have to remember that the change is there.

CyberExcerpt is simply a copy of the_excerpt routine in a plugin. The advantage to this is I can change the_excerpt length, turn on the plugin and I have my solution, a longer excerpt.

If you want an excerpt with a length other than 55 characters, just download the zip file, unzip, and then upload the CyberExcerpt folder to the /plugin folder and change the value in line # 24, then call the_excerpt() as you normally would.

$excerpt_length = 100;

Download CyberExcerpt

3 thoughts on “WordPress Excerpt Plugin

  1. Hello CyberCoder,

    thank you for the plugin, exactly what I needed. But, unfortunately & quit unusual, I cannot unzip it on my Mac. It tells me “File does not appear to be compressed or encoded…”. Maybe the .zip is corrupted?


  2. Hank, I have no Mac knowledge, but, I have tested the file on several PC’s. I would be glad to email you the file or help anyway I can.

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