WordPress SEO vs Blogger SEO

A simple Tweet about WordPress SEO on Twitter sent me down this road.

After looking at the SERPS for WordPress SEO and a little keyword research I wondered if the results were similar for Blogger SEO?

They are not even close, WordPress SEO gets four times the searches than Blogger. Why is that?

Are WordPress users more aware of SEO or is Blogger just so good at it that people using that platform do not even worry about it?

3 thoughts on “WordPress SEO vs Blogger SEO

  1. I like looking at stuff like this. I have been messing around in this arena as well. I started 4 blogger blogs on a sudject and they were indexed quickly with a single post. Funny thing is that each blogger blog had 2 pages indexed (I have the keywords in the sidebar also)
    I also have a WP blog on the same subject, it was indexed about as quick but got 6 pages indexed. I was using your CyberCoder tag theme. Once again, keywords listed in sidebar as well as recent posts widget.
    I think it is the platform and not the user. WP is superior because of the plugins and tag pages.

  2. Sounds like that was a good test case, but does “I was using your CyberCoder tag theme” mean you found something better?

    If you did, you have to share !

  3. Iwas thinking that it was more in the line of SEOs using WordPress rather than blogger.

    Really though, I think WordPress is easier to make search engine friendly over Blogger.com blogs, yet there are so many Blogger.com blogs and posts that pull up very well in the SERPs regardless of how much they lack in optimization.

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