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Using a tag page for marketing is something that can really help your ROI by using the WordPress Tag Template and creating a very specific page design for any tag.

Based on the WordPress Template Hierarchy it is very easy to create an individual page for a tag. If you look at a Tag Cloud on a site you will notice that there are always tags that get mentioned more than others. These tags should represent the most popular topics for a site and taking advantage of the WordPress Tag Template can result in a focused marketing campaign for these given tags.

The WordPress Tag Template flows like this :

  1. tag-slug.php
  2. tag.php
  3. archive.php
  4. index.php

The first template is the key here. If you have a tag you would like to create a custom page for you can copy your tag.php to a new file named tag-slug.php and then modify that page to fit that tag.

Here is an example:

On MusicRamble.com we focus on Classic Rock music. The general tag page lists excerpts from articles for the given tag. Examples of the basic tag pages are George Harrison and Steve Winwood. If you compare those two pages you will notice they are basically the same design.

Now look at Eric Clapton. Notice the sidebars, they have been customized specifically for Eric Clapton. The left sidebar is loaded with products related specifically to Clapton. This has resulted in an increase of Amazon sales for Eric Clapton.

Here is how it was accomplished.

  1. Copied the tag.php to tag-eric-clapton.php
  2. Removed the call to the sidebars, get_sidebar()
  3. Copied the contents of the sidebar.php file
  4. Placed the copied code where the previous call to get_sidebars() was.
  5. Moved all items in left sidebar to right sidebar
  6. Placed the product links in the left sidebar.

The resulting custom tag page shows up in the file list on the WordPress -> Presentation -> Theme Editor menu so it is easy to work on. At any point if we decided not to use this page, all we have to do is delete it and the default tag.php will once again be used for this tag.

Are you getting the most out the WordPress Tag Template?

5 thoughts on “WordPress Tag Template

  1. Any way to create a template for queries of multiple tags?

    For instance, a post is tagged with ‘1979’ & ‘rock’.


    returns posts with the tags 1979 OR rock


    returns posts with the tags 1979 AND rock

    Is there a way to create a custom template for either of these urls?

  2. There is nothing like that now that I know of, I can see how it possibly could be done.

    I will try to add that to my list of projects, I am just really backed up at the present time.

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