XML Parsing Error in WordPress

I have posted about this problem before, however, since the WordPress Automatic Plugin Updates (WPAU) have been working there is a new culprit for this bug. It appears to be somewhat of a random bug that occurs when you run an automatic upgrade on a plugin.

To catch this bug before it causes an unexpected problem you should check each plugin immediately after running an upgrade. Simply click the Edit button next to Deactivate, scroll to the very bottom of the file and make sure there is no whitespace at the end of the file. If there is whitespace, simply delete it, and save the plugin. See example images

If you do not check your plugins this bug can become a real pain. The main reason is that once it occurs you have no idea if it is in the WordPress PHP, Plugins or Theme files.

Reference Link : Search › xml parsing error

2 thoughts on “XML Parsing Error in WordPress

  1. David,
    I appreciate your Twitter updates on this. I just use Fantastico to update to newest WP versions, but now it seems I will need to check all the plugins after doing the upgrade.

  2. Your Welcome, I use Fantastico also, except in situations like testing the New WordPress Beta version.

    But, checking those plugins has saved me a lot of frustration over the last couple of years.

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