Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) Shutdown & Pays Out

I first read about the Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN ) being shutdown at TechCrunch. The news did not surprise me as I had never seen anyone who had great success with the program. I myself tried it several times and could never get it to generate any income compared to Google Adsense.

I was even more surprised to receive a payment this morning that closed out my account. I am not sure that I had ever received a payment from YPN before, but I knew I had a little income left in the account, below the minimum payout.

So I must say Yahoo gets my respect for paying out on accounts that did not reach the minimum!

Thanks Yahoo for doing the right thing.

One thought on “Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) Shutdown & Pays Out

  1. That was really great of them to payout, you don’t see that in companies these days. Because of that, I’m more likely to use their services.

    I never got a chance to work with them. Wonder what their next move is…

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